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The trustees of Age Connect Cardiff and the Vale host the management of the George Hill-Snook Charity. Any funds raised on behalf of Age Connects, that is dedicated for the George Hill-Snook charity eill be used for the beneficieries of George Hill-Snook charity. Do you, your children, grandchildren, friends or neighbours work for an organisation that might be willing to support our charity and the work we do in their local community? Or can you get together and spread the word about our work and organise some vital fundraising on our behalf? You and your friends and family can do so much more than you think! Click here to find out more...

Running your own fundraising event can be great fun and incredibly rewarding. Your time and efforts will help support local older people, especially those who are vulnerable, isolated, and in poverty, who depend on our services. Download some fundraising ideas here.

Here is some helpful advice to make sure your fundraising activities are safe and legal. 
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If you are planning a fundraising event in aid of Age Connects Cardiff and the Vale and would like further help and advice or if you are interested in setting up a fundraising group in your local area, we would love to hear from you.