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Case study – Help with laundry

Diagnosed with cancer and following post-operative radiotherapy, with little speech and with limited mobility, our client needed a tumble dryer. As they live in a first floor flat and could not access the outside washing line a contribution of £220 was granted towards a tumble dryer which has made their quality of life so much better.

Case study – Help with mobility

The applicant had suffered a stroke and had ongoing mobility issues. The Occupational Therapist’s assessment had ensured the provision of some essential equipment for the home but to help the person to go out they required a four-wheel walker. A grant of £97.00 was awarded. 

Case study – A new fridge freezer

An 80-year-old client living alone with limited family support had suffered a stroke, and as well as asthma had fallen on a number of occasions. They were having difficulty maintaining their property and being on low income could not afford to replace the fridge freeze which was 25 years old. A grant of £230 was awarded.

Case study – The specialist chair

Following discharge from hospital the Occupational Therapist assessment suggested that the client had a low-rise chair to assist with posture as the person would not be safe in a standard chair. The family had been looking but could not afford the £670 required for the right chair. They raised £370 together and were supported with a grant of £300.

Margaret approached Care & Repair Cardiff and the Vale after receiving a birthday card from her GP with our details enclosed. Margaret had a leak in her existing shower which had got under the floor and had to b removed which left her with no showering facilities


Margaret is recovering from breast cancer and has been feeling depressed about her medical problems and her financial circumstances. When her existing shower had to be removed she was at her wits end on how she was going to pay for the works. Margaret had worked all her life apart from the last 10 years when she cared for her mother, she had no private pensions and existed on her state pension and a top of pension credit. She had no savings.

What did we do:

A quote was obtained to install a level access shower to the property. The caseworker approached various benevolent charities and a substantial amount of money was raised towards the cost of the works. Margaret also managed to save some money herself but the funding was still a little short, so The George Hill Snook Fund was approached. With this final contribution the new shower suite was installed, overseen by our technical team. Margaret has enjoyed the numerous visits by the caseworker and is astonished by the kindness of the benevolent funders that assisted her. She feels that she is not alone and that help is out there when you need it most.

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General items

We have also supported through grants the purchase of beds for people coming out of hospital as well as essential clothing and bedding items.