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Notes to staff acting as the Sponsor for the Application

1. The application form must be completed in full. Missing details will delay consideration of the application. Applications received by the last day of the month will be considered in the first two weeks after month end. Applicants should therefore be aware that applications received after within the first two weeks of a month will not be considered until the following month.

2. The application form must be completed by a staff sponsor acting on behalf of the applicant and with their expressed consent for personal information to be shared under data protection regulations.

3. In the first instance applicants should consider using the supplies on our web site. If these suppliers do not provide the item you are looking for then a quotation should be attached where appropriate, along with the details of the supplier and the online site address and link to the product item where an internet purchase is the preferred option.
4. If the application is successful, sponsors will have the responsibility for ensuring that the transaction can be completed, this will include the arrangements for the delivery and or collection of goods and the arrangements of services and payment if these are being handled by the staff sponsor. A copy of the receipt should be sent to Age Connects Cardiff and the Vale, Unit 4, Cleeve House, Lambourne Crescent, Llanishen, Cardiff, CF14 5GP.

5. Grants can be made through payments over the internet, through BAC’s, Card Payment, or a cheque, payable to the supplier of goods or services. Under NO circumstances will cheques be issued payable to the applicant or sponsor. Cheques will be sent to the sponsors unless other arrangements are made.
6. Grant applications will be welcomed for the purchase or a contribution to the purchase of:
(a) essential furniture and personal items
(b) for certain essential services – e.g. ‘man with a van’

7. Grants are NOT available for the following:
(a) a contribution to ongoing debt
(b) revenue costs which are likely to recur and where a longer term solution is required – e.g. telephone costs, utility bills
(c) the provision of non-essential items
(d) a contribution towards costs that should reasonably be the responsibility of Local Authorities or Government Departments
(e) contributions towards energy costs
The above are examples only. Quotations for all purchases must be provided on official headed paper and must include any VAT element. Under no circumstances must work be carried out or orders placed before the grant is approved. Firm agreement must be obtained for meeting any costs above the grant awarded and the methods of payment established before any work starts or any order is placed.