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The Fund was provided from the Estate of the late George Hill Snook and has been operating since 1950.

The purpose of the fund is to provide practical benefits in the form of grants to people who are living in the City of Cardiff, and are not less than 60 years of age and are infirm.

The practical benefits are provided in the form of essential purchases for household items and repairs that the beneficiaries are unable to fund themselves. Applications are submitted by a third party sponsor, usually a social worker, health or third sector staff member and no grants are provided direct to beneficiaries in the form of cash or personal cheque.

We have a maximum of around £4,000 to spend annually. Average grants are between £100 and £250. Larger grants have been made in exceptional circumstances usually when we have had a limited number of applicants and where applicants can demonstrate they have raised other funds to support the their application.